Monday, 19 September 2011

New tea-house lodges on Manaslu Circuit

Over the last few years several new lodges have been built on the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal so it now possible to complete this as a tea-house trek. With the new roads severely impacting Annapurna Circuit for trekkers then it look likes Manaslu Circuit is a natural replacement.

Manaslu Circuit is one of the most scenic treks in Nepal starting at a low altitude and then crosses Larkya La over 5,000m so one gets a cross section of Nepalese landscape and culture. By staying in tea-house lodges it is a good way to contribute directly to the local communities along the trail.

Take a look Manaslu Circuit Trek website that has details on locations of these lodges as well as Manaslu Circuit blog that has latest news and information about new developments on this trek.

Roland Hunter